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5 Shocking Moments Caught On Camera While Hunting!

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5 Shocking Moments Caught on Tape While Hunting!


Many people consider hunting to be a relaxing, meditative hobby. Get up with the sun, and spend your day in the woods, in a shady area, enjoying the stillness and the quiet. Sometimes, that serenity can be disturbed. These are the 5 shocking moments caught on camera while hunting! Let’s begin!

5.) Predator

This strange event was captured by a hunter named Jan Maccabbee in the US. This event is related to the Missing 411 phenomena, David Paulides’s investigation into unexplained and mysterious disappearances in United States’s parks and forests. According to Maccabbee, in 2010 she encountered a strange entity while hunting deer in Ohio, when the woods went quiet (sometimes known as the “Oz Effect” which encounters paranormal experiences.) According to Maccabbee, she then saw a strange, invisible though shimmering creature stalking her in the woods. According to Maccabee, she took a picture of the creature, which was then distorted somehow, creating the strange effect in the photo. The photo was examined, and believed to be unaltered.

4.) Bear Hunts Hunter

While many people believe that hunting is as simple as humans killing innocent animals, it can be a very dangerous sport. One wrong move can put a hunter in the sight of their quarry that will defend itself. Sometimes, the hunter may find themselves the prey of an entirely different predator entirely. In this video, one such hunter sitting in a nest finds himself the target of a mother bear exploring the woods with her cubs. Mother bears are notoriously defensive of their cubs, and sometimes even aggressive, looking for a kill to feed them with. The bear, for one reason or another, began climbing the tree to find the hunter in his nest. The hunter raises his arm, which can be seen shaking, to defend himself, but fortunately the mother was just happy to check him out.

3.) Evidence of Bigfoot Attack

While many people are familiar with bigfoot because of the Patterson-Gimlin film recorded in 1967, sightings of bigfoot actually predate the invention of the handheld consumer video camera. While this hunter wasn’t able to capture footage of the alleged bigfoot attack that took place in 1953, he did keep the physical evidence of the event. According to Peter Caine, his father and his father’s friend were duck hunting when they were attacked by a bigfoot. The men, who believed the creature was too large to carry home, removed its foot as proof of the kill. They froze the foot and kept it, and Peter Caine would later share a video of it on YouTube.

2.) Fight Between Hunter and Protesters

Something that’s becoming increasingly apparent in the last few years is the cultural divide between the left and right, urban and rural, when it comes to hunting. While many people consider hunting to be a frivolous, cruel game, for many people hunting is not only a sport, but a way of life and a way to feed their family. This can sometimes lead to protests at organized hunting events, like this one where a fight broke out between a hunter and protesters. In this video, a terrierman, essentially a hunting dog master, attacks a group of protesters during a fox hunt. According to witnesses, the fox had been chased into a badger den when the protesters rescued the animal. This caused the terrierman to attack them.

1.) Fox Mauled by Dogs in Illegal Hunt

In 2004 it was declared illegal in the UK for hunters to use dogs to hunt animals. What this means is that while dogs can be used to track animals or flush them out of hiding so that the hunters can shoot them, the dogs themselves cannot be used to kill the animal. Sometimes, hunters don’t listen, and if they do, the dogs they use may not. This footage was captured by hunt saboteurs, activists who oppose hunting, when the fox had allegedly tried to cross water. The fox was captured by one of the dogs, before being dragged to ground where it was mauled by the entire pack. Sometimes, hunting is as cruel as it sounds.

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