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Catch And Cook Fish With Your Bare Hands And Bushcraft Waterwheel Part 2 (87 Days Ep. 30) Alewife

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I stumble Upon a fish run And there was so many I was able to catch them with my bare hands. It looks like a promising location no for the chicken roasting with the waterwheel. Hopefully I can obtain permission from the owners of the property And use the waterwheel to roasted chicken rightWhere I cooked the fish. It's a perfect location and the waterwheelWhat have no impact on the environment and could be removed very easily after I was done.

Bushcraft Waterwheel Power Head Part 1 (87 Days Ep. 29)

Sunday Morning Live Before Catch Fish With Your Bare Hands

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Last time on 87 Days

Bushcraft Waterwheel Power Head Part 1 (87 Days Ep. 29)
This is something i wanted to do for a while ever since i prepared to go out on History Channels Alone show. This bushcraft waterwheel is going to be a power head for a few of my ideas to come to life. The first on bing A rotary chicken. But you will have to tune in to part 2 for that one. I also want to make it into a phone charger and a waterwheel powered fire starter in some flowing videos. Of corse that all depends on how long the water keeps running in the Stream or since the water wheel is so light i could take it somewhere Else and use it there as the some drought sets in.

Catch And Cook A Pizza In The Dutch Oven and How To Start A Fire With A Bow Drill (87 days Ep. 28)
My favorit food is pizza and out on Alone it was the only food i thought of. As i cooked my fish head soup i would sing to my self "fish head soup i wish you were a pizza, Fish head soup To bad you Taste like Poop." Then I would sing About all the different toppings I wanted to put on my pizza when I got home. So the other day I got Dutch oven out Pick up a pizza dough from the grocery store and some cheese and pepperoni And Headed up to the shelter to see if i could make a pizza in the dutch oven. Let's just say it came out a bit crispier than I intended ;) And while i waited for that to cook i worked on making my own primitive bow drill set. The plan was to show you all how to start a fire with a bow drill. Which I sort of Did with the bed of mixed results. It's not easy to start a fire with the bow drill you make yourself If you don't have the right materials. There is definitely a learning curve to starting a fir

Last time on 87 Days
River Race In The Reed boat And Destroyed (87 days episode 27)

How to build a Reed Boat (87 days episode 19)

Last time on (87 Days Episode 18)
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