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Home Repairs On Damaged Styrofoam Molds

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Kirk Giordano Plastering Inc.
Peace, Love, and plastering

Live long and Plaster

Hello ambitious guys and gals, who are interested in learning how to do it yourself, now possibly you can.
In most of our plastering videos I’m explaining in “simply layman's words” while applying or repairing to help you get a better understanding of the basic ideas of how to repair your number #1 investment.
With a small bit of attention you can and will save cash, create a sense of euphoria and sleep well knowing, no problemo, I did this repair myself.
Save cash, great workout, sense of accomplishment, what more in life does a righteous person desire?
Teaching the world how to plaster one video at a time.

In this video, I explain how to repair damaged styrofoam molds. Very simple work but usually takes longer to organize the materials than to repair the chipped styrofoam.

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and Jason too, sooo, sit back relax and enjoy the show, and o yea,
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