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Science Documentary: Flexible Tech, Flexible Wearable Technology, A Documentary On Future Technology

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Science Documentary: Flexible Tech, Flexible Wearable Technology, a Documentary on Future Technology

Visions of the future

Nature itself is, in a way, the largest social network. We as humans are a part of nature. Science has provided a way for humans to understand the impact that we have on our planet. The use of social networks has provided an instantaneous means for us to communicate and understand our impact. And it also allows us to take action as a whole.

Flexible High Tech

Current electronics are big, bulky and consume a lot of energy. The current trend is to create lighter, energy friendly, flexible electronics for use in implanted biomedical devices and environmental sensors. Scientist are now able to implant a plastic substrate, capable of generating its own power through slight movement of the substrate that contains the detecting nanomaterial.
The potential advantages include the ability to create a self powered pace maker and other flexible high tech devices like, flexible computers, flexible displays, flexible watches, etc.

Even though electronics have become increasing smaller and smaller in size, they are still quite rigid. Yet we as humans have learned to settle with this fact. Now scientists have developed electronics that can be worn like a fake tattoo, and flex along with the body. These smart sensing stickers can be useful in monitoring the heart, brain, body temperature, improving athletic performance, chronic health monitoring outside of the hospital in real time.

Shopkick is a company that has found a way to make shopping more interactive and personal by utilizing your smart phone to track which stores you are shopping in, then, rewarding patrons for simply walking through the door.

Studies have shown that the ratio of customer traffic to online stores that result in actual sales, is significantly lower than that of physical stores. The key ingredient is foot traffic. By encouraging patrons to simply enter your store, you have a greater chance of significantly increasing sales.

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